Futura Invest increases the capital of LVenture Group with €1.24 million

Futura Invest and its main shareholders – Fondazione Cariplo and Fondazione Enasarco – are willing to double the investment within the first six months of 2020, on the basis of the results achieved.

This 1.24 million capital injection means more than a share in the Venture Fund, since it launches the collaboration between LVenture Group and Cariplo Factory, the innovation Hub completely owned by Fondazione Cariplo, which carries out Open Innovation activities with corporates and supports the scaling up for some of the best startups in Italy.

Together the two companies will synergically work in order to oversee all the phases of the innovation process, from talent scouting to the creation and development of new innovative companies, while giving impetus to the technological transformation of large companies.

Luigi Capello, CEO of LVenture Group commented this strategic alliance ” Thanks to the partnership with Cariplo Factory our ecosystem is enriched with a complete end-to-end program in the field of innovation: we are very proud to see the result of all the hard work done over the years. Furthermore the participation of Indaco Ventures, the largest Italian Venture Capital Fund, is a great chance for all the startups in our portfolio, which deserve to grow and scale-up”.